Help us keep this FREE

Help us keep the lights on

This site was built by the community and took hundreds of hours to build. It also costs several hundred dollars a month to keep running. As we grow and add more mods, we will need to ensure that our servers can handle the load. Our service is currently free of ads and fees. Our goal is to keep it this way for as long as possible. If you have even a dollar or two to donate to help keep the lights on it would be really appreciated. This site will never make a profit. If we ever have left over money, we will buy copies of SkaterXL to give away to you guys!

The Next New Feature

Creator Profile Pages & Ratings

The next stage on the ModXL development list is to create user profiles and and a rating system. With user profiles you will have the ability to see a directory of all creators, search for specific creators, and each creator will have a page that will show of all the mods, maps, and textures they have created. Our developer has quoted us $500 to complete the development of this feature. This feature should only take a week or two to fully develop, test, and implement.

Profit Free Forever

Every penny goes back to the community

ModXL was built by the community for the community. It was built so that we would have a place to easily share mods, maps, and textures 100% for free with no ads, no shady uploads sites, no wasting your google cloud storage. We promise that we will never make any profit from donations, EVER. If we ever make more money from donations than our expenses were that month we will donate that money back to our community in the form of free copies of SkaterXL to share with friends, or a skateboarding charity.