Babbo Sound Mod

Mod Name: Babbo Sound Mod

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  • Creator: babbo_elu + jboogie
  • File Size: 44.5mb
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  • Date Added: 06/13/2020

Mod Description:

This mod was built to overhaul the sounds in SkaterXL. With over 160 new sounds recorded by jboogie, a member of the community, babbo sound mond gives you a new immersive sound experience while playing Skater XL.


– 160+ sounds in total

– 28 new sounds for “board impacts” (the board hitting the ground when you bail/bump into stuff). the base game only has like 4 and theyre pretty bad, lol.

– replaced all the shoe movement noises and made them less abrasive/annoying

– updated sounds for pops, scoops, and lands. should all be much snappier and authentic. lots of people thought the old ones sounded “wet,” hopefully these sound better. also changed the “movement” sound effect when you pop from loud ass clothes ruffling to a shoe-scrape sound effect. sounds much cleaner.

– updated default rolling noises. A few sidewalk bumps really add to the sound, lmk what you think.

– replaced powerslide “start” and “end” noises for default concrete. not the whole loop itself. that’s a tough one to make sound good.

– additional grind enter sounds for every type (concrete, metal and wood) as well as new loops for “wood” grinds. these are the sounds that play when you do nose/tailslides, boardslides, etc.